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Puglia is one of the best top ten 2014 destinations in the world, National Geographic says

Puglia is one of the best top 10 destinations in the world. This success has been confirmed by the ranking of the Best Trips 2014 by National Geographic. The home page of the National shows images of Puglia taken by photographer Francesco Iacobelli. The list of Best Trips according to the National Geographic reflects the places that are authentic and culturally rich. Puglia is one of these places, thanks to its authenticity: “Puglia, Where Old Ways Still Rule”. Even in the Lonely Planet guide Puglia ranks second in the top ten “Best value travel destinations in the world for 2014,” with a beautiful photo of an old fortified farm taken by Michele Galli. “These prestigious international awards have a tremendous value from the point of view of communication and image,” the Councillor Silvia Godelli said. “Puglia is going to get the benefits of intensive work that requires a lot of effort to effectively launch the brand in foreign markets. Puglia as a land where you can live a unique experience, not only for the sea, its villages, its size, rural and modern together, its castles and cathedrals, but especially for its authenticity and its food and wine. We will ensure that these awards are transformed in significant numbers in terms of tourist arrivals and it is clear that the direction we have taken is the right one and we will continue to follow it all together, with Pugliapromozione, the territories and the tour operators in Apulia.”

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