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Romantic and Bohemian

Wedding Photographer in Puglia


About me

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Destination Wedding photographer in Puglia, Italy and where you like around the world.
My photographic approach aims to tell a story,  the story of this particular day that is your wedding.
This story I’ll try to build it with you, your family, friends, families, children… I’ll do it with discreteness, spontaneity, perseverance, and good mood…I will look closely at intimate moments… And I am aware of the responsibility involved in building a part of your family memories… So I will spend time with you. But I will also be where you cannot be that day. I’ll try to be your eyes, so that later these photos become your memory…



R+G - Corte degli Aranci

almadava country wedding polignano 032.j

C+P - Masseria Almadava

samesex wedding puglia 060.jpg

S+M - Polignano

Indian Wedding at Tenuta Pinto 37.JPG

C+A - Tenuta Pinto


L+E - Masseria Montalbano


G+D - Il Trappetello


V+G - Abbazia San Lorenzo



from London

My husband and I live in London and got married in Puglia in July 2018. We were incredibly happy with Andrea and felt that he was the best investment we made for our entire wedding. First of all, his naturalistic way of portraying his subjects made our wedding photos standout. He shot beautiful photos that captured the moment and all of his photos were high quality. Him and his team were also very professional, possessing an easy going and lovely personality. We really enjoyed working with them and felt an instant rapport with them. Finally, our wedding video was done so well. The way they shot the dancing with the music made it seem like a music video instead of a boring or traditional wedding video. He certainly impressed us with his artistic flair, strong attention to detail, his professionalism and warm personality. Thank you so much, Andrea!


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